Full Circle Kung Fu Welcomes You

Am I too old, heavy, or small?

If someone threatens or attacks you, age, weight, and/or gender will not make a difference to them, so why should it to you? When you join Full Circle Kung Fu, every student is accepted and encouraged to move at there own pace. You are your own limitation.

Why practice kung Fu?

Traditional styles teach more than how to strike, throw, or joint lock an opponent. You learn philosophy, History, real-world tactics/scenarios, weapons, and thousands of years worth of tradition. It's about preparing yourself to understand the situation and deter the worst case scenario. This is what a practical Kung Fu system offers more than any other.


Can I try a class for free?

One day? I'll give you a full week free. I'm confident that Full Circle Kung Fu will exceed your expectations as a martial art.
Be a stronger you, after joining Full Circle Kung Fu.


About the School

Full Circle Kung Fu teaches two styles. Ba Gua Zhang Kung Fu (Ba Gua) is the Primary style, and Tiger Kung Fu is the Secondary. Ba Gua uses a specialized form of footwork to safely position against one or more opponents before striking. Tiger Kung Fu teaches the confidence to be decisive with a variety of strikes to overwhelm the opponent, as well as provide a foundation for beginners.

Students begin by learning to combine simple movements and perform basic exercises. As they develop, more difficult forms/scenarios will be provided.  Techniques and forms from other styles are integrated to aid students in their development and understanding of what to expect of an opponent. This includes ground fighting, weapons training, full contact sparring, and meditations.

What sets Full Circle Kung Fu apart is our ability to allow change. You are not expected to be just like everyone else, but to evolve your own style of martial art created from strengths you already possess. We are not preparing you for the fighting ring, but for real life.

News & Updates

What’s Happening

Look how much fun they're having!

Fitness, self-defense, confidence, etc. Whatever your goal, it is achievable with us at Full Circle Kung Fu. Learn martial arts in a structured but relaxed environment. We invite you to join us for one free week of lessons.


Past Events

Thank you to everyone that has joined us. We have had fun attending:



The Beach Trip

Iron Tiger Cookout

Ba Men Tai Chi Seminar

We have learned much and grown closer to each other this year, but anticipate next year will be even better! 

Future Events

For the up and coming year, we plan to attend:
Demos and Seminars
Camping (April)
The Beach (May)

Gun Range (August)

Paintball (September)
and much more!
Contact Us for more details if you would like to join us for any future events.

Meditation by the sea

Hours & Price


Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

6:45PM - 7:45PM



Gym members: $50 a month

Non-Members: $60 a month

Contact Us for special discounts!



Still have questions? contact us

12650 Jefferson Ave Newport News VA United States 23602

(804) 895-3895

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